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After the complete destruction of 1400 year old Saint Elijah monastery by Islam many weep..but Elder Athanasios editing today(January 21, 2016) included:

We try to build certain things in our lives that will stand forever. We build a great house. We build a church. We buy things that we want to last forever. We buy clothes, for instance, that will last a lifetime. We are tempted in this way. This is a great temptation – to build a monastery, let’s say, in such a way so as to last until the end of time. We build a church to last until the end of history. Remember, God is not bound to material elements. The important thing is to preserve the spirit of Orthodoxy. 
Each generation must work to build their own churches, to preserve and keep the spirit of Orthodoxy ablaze. Today, we do not have the hermitages of Saints Anthony and Makarios, the hermits of Egypt and Sinai, the hut dwellers, and the stylites, or pole dwellers and tree dwellers. These people and places are all gone. However, the ascetic spirit has not left the Orthodox Christian Church. The true members of the Orthodox Church dwell in a spirit of asceticism and this spirit will always be in the Church.


Volume II


Tears of Repentance:
True Experiences in a Greek Taxi Cab

  by Athanasios Katigas. 

Originally published in Greek

Father Nicholas Palis Translator

Zoë Press had a hand in the finish work and wanted to share it with you.
We are sure that you will find these stories encouraging and edifying.

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By +Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios:

The introduction of the book[of Revelation] aims to attract interest. However, let’s be careful. Do not expect to hear, while interpreting this book, if and when World War III will take place, or when the Antichrist will come, and when the Second Coming of Christ will take place. Please do not expect these things. We need to follow the proven path of our Church. This path, my friends, was mapped out by God-inspired holy Fathers who wrote theologically sound commentaries on Revelation: Saint Andrew of Caesarea, of the sixth century and Saint Arethas, Archbishop of Caesarea of the ninth century. I have both commentaries in my hands, glory be to God. I have two complete commentaries on Revelation, in which one can see the Orthodox teaching of how our Church interprets Revelation.

It is not mere coincidence (and we will analyze this more as we continue), that our Church fathers did not overly occupy themselves with the Revelation. We will see this in our journey. Panayiotis Trembelas, for example, interpreted and published commentaries on all of the books of holy Scripture with the exception of Revelation. Trembelas was a great Greek scholar of the twentieth century. My basic resources include the great commentary of Professor Bratsiotis (the only one of its kind in neo-Hellenic theological literature) along with Saints Andrew and Arethas. These serve as my guides. All the others have some hidden dangers.
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