Revelation - The Seven Trumpets & the Antichrist
by Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios (+2006)

volume 3

published 2015 by Zoë Press

Lessons 37-57

​​Although we may not yet be living in the actual days of the Antichrist, he might appear shortly after our generation. He might appear in fifty, a hundred or five hundred years; we do not know. The point is that his appearance can easily take place within the next thirty years; no one knows exactly when. Already, the signs have begun to increase at an accelerated rate. Whether we fall prey to the Antichrist or to his forerunners it makes no great difference, because if today we were to be lost to the service of his forerunners, it is the same as being lost to the Antichrist himself; we would have no salvation. 

                      March 14, 1982

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