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Revelation - The Seven Seals

by Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios (+2006)

Volume 2

published 2014 by Zoë Press

Lessons 24-37

“The goal [of these lessons] is to teach, reveal the truth, the Lord’s will, to wake up our consciences, to censure, console, strengthen, revise mistaken positions and point out the way of salvation and repentance. This is the goal of the topics and the lessons before us. What we will accept as a lesson must not simply move us emotionally or remain at a level of unproductive knowledge. What we hear should develop into an experience, a change, a rebirth. Our experiential, eschatological concern must be developed. The reality about the end of our life and the end of history must not stay buried deep within our subconscious. This reality must be established in our soul without suppressing our optimism about life, without extinguishing the fruit of joy that escorts those who share in the life of the Holy Spirit.” (Chapter 28)