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FAQ regarding non-USA shipping:

Please do not order books using our store. It is only set up for shipping in the USA.

There is NO free shipping or low priced shipping on international orders.

In Canada order via: 


Several stores and churches carry our books in Australia. Please order from them. We listed some on our store page

Thank you for contacting Zoë Press about your international order. Before you order PLEASE look up shipping prices for USPS before you contact us: 

To ship 1-2 books (possibly 3) via USPS Priority INTL is approximately $32.95. 

To ship a medium USPS box is approximately $75.95

A USPS priority large box may fit +/-16 books depending on size weighing less than 20# is $103.75 to Australia. 

(These prices may vary depending on the country, but this will give you an idea. Great Britain is usually less. https://postcalc.usps.com/?country=10440) 

We lose money on the bank fees and in some cases have spent months of messages with an international order...really.

International orders take a LOT of time to process. Before the order is packed there is the initial contact and then emails back and forth on what books are ordered and what books fit in the box (without going over - weight of course - we found out the hard way), the creation of a specialized invoice, customs forms to fill out, labels, the packing, etc.  Plus, we can’t guarantee the order will be received overseas or in what condition it will be in due to a lack of tracking once it leaves the country. We do track them in the USA. So far we have not had a problem, thank God.

Many booksellers don’t ship out of the US and we understand why. We are very, very small, too busy and do not profit from the books. We would like to continue shipping and sending the words of the +Elder and the parenting book etc. into the world so we have set some standards for these orders in order to to continue.

We cannot be responsible for the condition or arrival of the books. We will not refund anything on these orders.

Instead of adding a “ high handling fee” we will only
discount Zoë Press books 25%  and only on orders that fill the large USPS box. We will not discount books for  1-3 book envelopes or medium size boxes.

We are not allowed to discount the nuns books more than what is on our discount page.

Insurance for the book value of your choosing will be billed to customer.

Payment must be made before shipping. Pay to: orders@zoepress.us using your own credit card or Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to order.

If you send a check whatever the bank charges Zoë Press will be added, usually $5.

Thank you for your interest in our books. We feel sorry that our international customers have to pay so much but there can be no price tag too high for our spiritual growth and raising our families in the Church. Thank you for your understanding. www.zoepress.us - orders@zoepress.us